Blackpool Logos & Banners

Movie Signs create printed banners, we can make them with the design you may want or we could create a design for you, they can say whatever you would like them to say. So if you have just opened a business you can put them up to promote your new business.

If your business is doing promotions or is hidden away from the high street, you can use our Blackpool logos & banners up in public places to tell people where you are and promote the offers your business has on. So if you happen to be looking to promote your business, then Movie Signs can create the perfect banner for you.

Benefits Of Banners

Banners are still one of the leading ways of marketing, they are still massively used by thousands of businesses. They are one of the most powerful ways to promote your business as they can be put in highly populated areas, they are eye catching and if they look professional they can leave a long lasting, memorable impression.

You can put our banners anywhere you may want; you could put them in areas which has high foot traffic. You could put them on a building where lots of people are going to see it, like in a town square. You can even put them up at event such as music festivals or athletic events, where they are going to catch millions of people’s eyes.

For the major benefits a banner can provide for you and your business, we believe it is a very cost effective way to promote your business. You only have to buy a few and put them in good locations and millions of people can be reached, without having to pay extra money for them promoting your business. So if you’re looking for banners that will be sure to catch people’s eyes, then Movie Signs can make the perfect banner to promote your business.


Roll Up Banners

Banner stands can have a variety of names, which may include: pull up stands, pop up banner stands, and roll up banners. Banner stands can have a massive impact on your marketing requirements if used efficiently. If used properly they can give your customers a brief understanding into services or product information, such as deals or specific dates. Movie Signs can create you a banner stand which will be able to include any information you may require. All our banner range are sturdy and extremely long lived as Movie Signs only use the most efficient products to create our professional looking banners.

Cafe Barriers

Our Movie Signs café barrier systems are perfect if you want your brand and business to receive more exposure then it wold normally would. The most beneficial aspects of café barrier systems are that they’re extremely versatile and can be used throughout the year whilst constantly getting your business name out there and more known by passers-by. Here at movie signs we can make you the perfect café barrier as we can put any design you require onto it, whether its advertising your brand name and logo or its advertising offers. We also only use the most durable of products whilst creating all of our banner range to ensure they are long lived.

Mesh Banners

Out of every single type of marketing methods out their mesh banners do not seem the most desirable, with there being TV ads, radio ads and online marketing being at an all-time high. But mesh banners actually have a wide range of benefits, and they are one of the most used marketing methods across the world. The benefits of mesh banners are that they are not costly, they are effective and they are able to reach thousands of people on a daily basis. So, if you’re looking for a good deal on a top quality professional banner then movies signs can create your perfect banner.